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Friday, June 29, 2012

All About Mnet’s ’20′s Choice Award 2012′

The past few weeks has been super hectic on this year’s Mnet’s ‘20′s Choices Awards‘ as online votes were very tight and close. Mnet 20′s Choice is all about the trend of people in thier 20s, and presents fresh and new awards with shocking performances!
Held today for 5 hours straight, on June 28th, the open party award ceremony was held in Seoul. With nominations from Drama Stars and Style to Trendy Music, it was no surprise that our girls was selected to take part. So who and what were our girls nominated for?;
Yoona – 20′s Drama Star (Female)
TaeTiSeo - 20′s Trendy Music
SooYoung – 20′s Style
Girls’ Generation – 20′s Global Star
If you watched the stream live or even LUCKY enough to be there, you’d know that our girls didnt leave with the hands empty. Yes thats right! Ahead by a large amount of online votes, TaeTiSeo won 20′s Trendy Music award, surpassing other Kpop stars like BigBangFTIsland and more. All I have to say is, Well Done Sones!
Although Yoona, SooYoung and SNSD didn’t win their awards, the online voting poll was super close as all 3 nominations took 1st place multiple times over the last few weeks. Percentages of votes were virtually the same as other nominee.
(Online Votes only count 50%, Judges count 30%, 20% Online Research)
Those who missed the Stream live, no worries as you can watch TaeTiSeo’s Blue Carpet appearance, Photos, Winning Speech and Performance all below;

Seohyun on Radio

On June 28, our lovely Birthday Girl Seohyun guested on “Gong Hyung Jin’s Cinetown”, along with Luna of f(x), Key of SHINee, and Ryeowook of SuJu.
PS She looks awesome in black! Very elegant and modest, agree?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

SNSD Grows Popularity in Facebook Groups and Pages

In facebook community, SNSD groups and pages are being dominating. We can say that SNSD popularity is very fast and strong. Many snsd fans are from different country in the world not only in Asia and USA.
Some country in Asia like Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and also the China. If you browse in the Facebook search box and Search for SNSD Groups or pages you can easily find it. One of the SNSD fans group is SNSD World WIde Chart Room the only created last May of this year. SNSD WORLD WIDE CHAT ROOM. And in the Korean Role Players Group we can see the dominating member that roleplay they idols. If you want to see them in the one largest Korean Roleplayer group this is the link.Korean Celebrities ROLEPLAYER and K-POP Fans Internationals

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SNSD at Taoyuan International Airport from Taiwan

last 2 years SMtown have a world tour at different parts of the world. One of the destination is Tawain. Taoyuan International Airport the fans are waiting for the arrival of SNSD. The fans have a energetic power when they see their idols.

Paparazzi Reveal at Shibuya, Tokyo

Miss Hwang

Imagine Soshi’s Tiffany Hwang as your school teacher, Miss Hwang! Imagine her irresistible eye smiling everyday! Imagine Miss Hwang teaching you English, “You must bring the boys out! Said the 9 angels”! An irresistible dream right?
Recently asked, “Which star do you wish were your teacher?”, coming top 10 of the results, Tiffany came 3rd in Arirang’s ‘Pop in Seoul’.

JeTi Attends Kolon Sport’s Fashion Week Fashion Show Event~

Looks like a 2nd strike at fashion week for our SoShi! Following Hyoyeon and Seohyun, another one of our favorite couple, JeTi lands their jet at today’s Kolon Sport’s Fashion Show Event!

Yoona Still Beautiful

YoonA’s airport fashion has been creating buzz among netizens.
On June 25th, a photo titled YoonA’s airport fashion‘ was uploaded on an online community board. The photo shows her at Incheon airport in a plain white T-shirt, short pants and a hat.
Even though she is barely wearing any makeup, YoonA still looks stunning, which drew envy from some fans.

Finally released on iTunes and stores, SNSD is back with another single to dominate the Japanese music industry again this summer. On June 27th, exactly 1 year and 2 months after the release of their 3rd Japanese single‘Mr.Taxi’SNSD released its 4th Japanese single ‘Paparazzi’.
Just hours after its official release, SNSD have shown their domination once again by taking the no.1 spot on iTunes Japan’s ‘Top Charts’.
Rola’s debut album ‘Memories’ came in 2nd while Japanese girl group Momoiro Clover Z took the no.3 spot. American singer, Chris Brown’s ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ was also among the top 10 songs in the chart.

This doesn’t end here thought as the girls has also taken over the Oricon Chart.
Based on the data released by Oricon, SNSD’s ‘Paparazzi’ has recorded sales of 42,525 copies, placing the girls’ 4th Japanese Single in the no.2 spot behind KAT-TUN’s ‘To The Limit’ which sold more than 60,000 copies on day 1. Both singles were officially released on June 27th.
In comparison to the girls’ 3rd Japanese Single ‘Mr.Taxi/Run Devil Run’ which was released in April 2011, ‘Paparazzi’ ended its first day of sales by about 2,000 copies more. However, both singles finished 2nd on day 1.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sensible Seohyun’s Sensible Birthday Party?~

As you all know, June 28th is Seohyun’s Birthday! But its even more special because Seohyun hosted a sensible… SMTown artists including SNSD, SuJu, f(x)TVXQ and Jinwoon all celebrated her birthday!

Revealed by SuJu’s Eunhyuk and Leeteuk, check out their…. as i would imagine, awkward party!

Eunhyuk: Yesterday evening…”Katalk*!!”
Seohyun: “Oppa, what are you doing tomorrow night??”
Me: “What’s up~?”
Seohyun: “I’m inviting close friends to have a birthday party!!^^”
Me: “Then why are you calling me…”
Anyway, I went tonight to congratulate her. Unlike what I expected, I was the first to arrive.
Us drinking juice… Stifling awkwardness.

Eunhyuk: “30 minutes later, Kyuhyun arrived! It’s still an awkward combination. We tried creating a bright mood.”

Eunhyuk: Heenim and Sooyoung arrived!! Now it’s better. But where are Seohyun’s friends…
Eunhyuk: About an hour after the planned time, Seohyun’s real friends, Jinwoon and Amber finally appeared!! Seohyun, is the picture you were expecting starting to form?

Eunhyuk: Yoona, Sunny appeared with the cake!!!! In the end, it’s Suju & Soshi & JYP’s Jinwoonㅋㅋㅋ Then I left. I heard Leeteuk, Changmin came after I left. Anyway, happy birthday, Seohyun^^

“Leeteuk: Angel maknae princess Seohyun!! Happy birthday!! Yesterday, you suddenly invited me for a party~^^ It surprised me ㅋㅋ It was short, but it’s been a while since we’ve done something like this~ Eunhyuk came first and left first~ Anyway, happy birthday!!!”
Source: Eunhyuk’s/Leeteuk’s Twitter, ch0sshi,soshified,cedge

A Touching Gift of Thanks From YoonA

On May 29th, a post entitled ‘YoonA’s gift in conjunction with the last filming’ with photos attached was published on an online community board.
In the photos revealed, the gifts were presented by YoonA to the staff of ‘Love Rain’ at the final shooting of the Monday-Tuesday drama. Along with the gift, YoonA also conveyed her gratitude through a message that reads, “All this while, thank you to every staff of ‘Love Rain’. Take this vitamin and stay strong always. Fighting!”. Jang GeunSuk who acted alongside YoonA in the drama also presented T-shirts to the staff as a sign of gratitude for their hard work.
Upon seeing the photos, netizens commented, “As pretty as her face, she has a kind heart as well”, “Both YoonA and the staff have all done well”, “Last time, I think she used to write messages to thank the staff at the end of drama filming too”, “How would the ending of ‘Love Rain’ turn out to be?”.
Feeling excited for the closing episode of ‘Love Rain’? Make sure to catch it on May 29th at 9.55pm KST.

Sooyoung with her sister Soojin Selca

Here comes another gorgeous photo of Girls’ Generation Sooyoung Sooyoung with her beautiful sister named Soojin. Check out the mesmerizing photo of the two below.

Seohyun And Hyoyeon Attends The ’96NY’ Fashion Event~

Earlier today, a fashion show event was held by a fashion brand called ’96NY’. And in this fashion show, two fashion stars turned up in a fashionable fashion with their fantastic fashion! Uh huh! Its Hyoyeon and Seohyun! Check out their style as they walk the streets of … where ever that is lolol probably Seoul! B)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Korea Yakult Releases New Girls’ Generation ‘LOOK’ CFs

One of Girls’ Generation’s latest endorsement deals is with Korea Yakult. In the spirit of the coming summer season, during the first week of June the company began revealing videos of each member promoting Yakult’s “LOOK” diet drink. Every girl has something slightly different to say about the product, so check out all the videos and their descriptions below:

Taeyeon starts by asking the viewers if they know that constant management is essential to dieting, which is the reason why “LOOK” is a good choice for a day to day diet routine. She also advises that some exercise helps improve the diet. At the end of the video, Taeyeon kindly asks viewers to experience “LOOK” for themselves.

Jessica observes that with summer quickly approaching, dieting season has begun. She encourages viewers to drink “LOOK” to help meet their diet goals.
In this CF, Sunny sympathizes with viewers, acknowledging that dieting can be difficult. But she encourages them to continue, saying that drinking “LOOK” once every day, along with exercising to fun music, will make the entire process quicker and less monotonous.
Tiffany starts by asking if viewers will be prepared when summer arrives. If they’re not, then “LOOK” is the way to go: it’s easy to get and easy to drink as well.
Throughout the video, Hyoyeon offers several tips for dieting. The first piece of advice she offers is to take pictures of your body while you are on a diet, which helps with keeping track of your progress and boosts motivation. She also advises that going out on weekends with family or friends, and even taking short walks helps with dieting. However, Hyoyeon says that the most important thing is to eat three meals a day and to make sure they’re balanced meals, and to not over eat. Hyoyeon ends the video by encouraging everyone to try hard, and that they can achieve a balanced and beautiful body.
 Yuri cheers viewers on, telling them that despite all the hardships that come with getting in shape for the summer, the final result will be worth it. So don’t give up: by working out even a little bit everyday, a more beautiful self will begin to emerge.

Sooyoung, along with other Girls’ Generation members, is often asked how she keeps her figure with such a packed schedule. For her, drinking “LOOK” everyday along with exercising and eating well are all crucial steps to keeping her body healthy and slim.
Yoona spends some time discussing the ingredients of “LOOK”, which help suppress the intake of trans fats. She also explains how the drink can be delivered to the viewers.

Seohyun informs viewers that “LOOK” is promoting a twelve-week diet program. During that time period, participants may also receive support messages from Girls’ Generation. She encourages viewers who are curious about how much can change in twelve weeks to try the “LOOK” diet.

Monday, June 25, 2012

SNSD Concert in the Philippines?

Hello mga kababayan.
Marami ang lumalabas sa internet na mag coconcert daw ang Girls' Generation sa Philippines sa darating na Oktobre. Maraming balita at mga tsimis tungkol dito ngunit wala pang nagpapatunay na ito ay totoo o hindi.
Para sa lahat ng Filipino Sones ay hinihikayat ng mag sign up sa Petition For SNSD Philippine Concert.
May balitang din na lumabas tungkol sa concert nila sa pilipinas noong February this year ngunit di naman nangyari. Sana ang Concert nila sa October dito ay totoo dahil ang mga pilipino sones ay di na makapag hintay pa.

Girls’ Generation Voted as Best Performance Group

Girls’ Generation was recently voted as the best performance group in a survey by a Japanese mobile music service, which released its results on June 18th. Fellow Korean girl group Kara received fourth place.

Girls’ Generation Listed as Style Icons in Singapore Fashion Magazine

The Singapore edition of style and culture magazine Nylon selected Girls’ Generation as one of their eleven icons of fashion. The article talked about their achievements over the past few years, as well as an analysis of their outfits for their London appearance at Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2012′s presentation. The article also included a few recommended listens for those new to Girls’ Generation.

Girls’ Generation Featured in Malaysian Newspaper

Girls’ Generation fans and their merchandise were featured on the cover page for a newspaper pull-out on how K-pop has caught the attention of youth in Malaysia, resulting in a community of K-pop lovers. Also inside the pull-out was information about fans of other groups, and their respective merchandise.

And I want to greet my friend from Malaysia that love SNSD so much she was Choong Jia Qian. If you are malaysian and want to meet her just add her at facebook
Thanks for supporting SNSD^^

Taeyeon and Tiffany Attend ‘I AM’ Press Screening Event

On June 18th, Taeyeon and Tiffany attended a press screening for “I AM”, a documentary showing the trainee days and daily lives of SM Entertainment’s artists. “I AM” was recently released in Korea on June 21st. 

Girls’ Generation Voted Best Female Group to Represent Korea Among Idols

In a recent poll conducted by Sports Seoul, they asked many idols which female group best represented Korea, and Girls’ Generation received 77.31% of all the votes, securing first place in the poll. In a similar poll, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona got the top spot for having facial features other idols are most envious of. Taeyeon also got third place in the same poll.